automatic volume measurement and quality inspection of bulk material


Automated volume measurement and quality assessment of bulk material loaded on trucks or trailer bins. Developed together with forestry companies with the goal to measure dimensions automatically and effortless. Our innovative dimensioning system helps sawmills all over Sweden and Europe to save time, money, and labor.

Streamline the inspection- and measuring process

ChipSpect is for you who want to measure and secure the quality of your bulk load in simple and time-saving way. Our strong foundation is built on decades of knowledge together with SAAB. ChipSpect makes an otherwise extensive process efficient, reliable and simple.

Features & benefits


100% automated volume measurement and analysis of all shipments.

100% capacity

Capacity to measure 100% of all loads passing through the portal.

All weather conditions

Get reliable data regardless of weather conditions or time of day.

Increased accuracy

Our 3D-image software provides you with reliable data via our set of unique algorithms.


All measurements are conducted during transport. Experience analysis in real time with no costly waiting time.

Images of all shipments

Every shipment is visually documented, which makes it easy to look back on if needed and can be a valuable asset in customer complaints.

Imagine if you could...

... lean back while all truck loads are measured automatically.
... have less frustration due to human error.
... optimize measurement flow and have additional insights.
... charge all loads correctly and guarantee fair treatment of all customers.
... have data and images of all goods when handling customer complaints.


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