efficient aircraft pallet stacking, analysis and load factor optimization


Get your aircraft pallet stacking right at first try. Our software is developed to optimize the build-up of aircraft pallets, increase the load and thus reduce climate impact. Our innovative dimensioning systems help air cargo business around the world save money, time and labor. Let’s get you started!

Avoid unnecessary costs with correct air cargo loading

Experience full control in real time with ContourSpect. Everyday, more than 140.000 tonnes of cargo are shipped globally, with aircraft being an important puzzle piece. To ensure safety during the flight, ULDs (Unit Load Devices) are used to confine cargo, designed to maximize the contours of the aircraft.

ULD build-up does not only impact air safety, but directly affects the efficiency of the transport. An over-stacked aircraft pallet leads to huge time delays as it needs to be repacked. ContourSpect shows you whether you are loading within or outside the contours of the ULD-pallet, in real time, to ensure correct build-up of pallets.

Make aircraft loading easier, safer and more sustainable by loading correctly, ContourSpect is ready to help.

Features & benefits

Reduced carbon footprint

By optimizing the load factor, fewer airplanes are needed to transport the same amount of goods.


Automation reduces human error and increases accuracy. Get you aircraft buildup right the first time.


Receive useful load information in seconds.

Cost effecient

Automation boosts efficiency and accuracy, saving you valuable time and money.


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