a next-gen supply chain standard

Cind maximizes supply chain efficiency and provides tools for managing monetary and planetary resources. In addition, our automated dimensioning measurement solutions give businesses a competitive edge.

Our then and now

Cind AB was created in 2015 as a branch from SAAB AB. The company is built on the foundation of an identified lack in this industry, with the intention to streamline something that otherwise would need a lot of time and manpower. The solutions to the problem were called TimSpect and ChipSpect.

Today, TimSpect has been deployed widely in Sweden, and some other European countries, and is seen as the de facto standard for stacked measurements.

During the years, we came across similar efficiency needs in other fields, and concluded that we could apply our solution to the logistics industry. CargoSpect is built on our original idea and enables volumetric data extraction for palletized goods in motion. Our latest edition, ContourSpect expands the horizon into the air cargo industry.

Our mission was and is “Constantly moving supply chains forward”. That is what we do. With sustainability and efficiency in the back of our heads at all times, Cind is moving forward to make your supply chain better. Where to next?

Moving supply chain logistics forward

At Cind, we devote our specialist competence to create solutions that advance supply chain logistics. Helping businesses stay ahead, gain efficiency, and move forward in their sustainability transformation without losing momentum.

We promote progress through freight dimensioning services and analytics using 3D image processing. Our automated and cost-efficient solutions optimize labor and sustainability and provide you with valuable analytics.


Climate change is a crisis of unprecedented magnitude. Fuel and energy prices are on an all-time high - logistic and supply chain organizations are under increasing pressure to respond. Many businesses will need to rethink and find new avenues for cost efficiency and future growth in a more sustainable world.

Our solutions help logistics companies save costs, create competitive advantage, and accelerate their sustainability transformation. We want to be a good partner in this time of crisis, and your obvious choice in the more sustainable collective mindset we're approaching.