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Driven, ambitious and passionate about tech and logistics? You might just fit in. Your background is secondary. If there’s no fitting position under our vacancies, submit an open application. We will contact you when we have a vacant position that matches your skills. send your application

Company culture

We at Cind want to make a difference through technology. We are dedicated to the work we do, and we love seeing our customers happy and more efficient because of it. We are humble experts in our niche and have a deep understanding and interest in technology.

At Cind we have a solution-oriented and forward-looking approach. We like simplicity and clear communication. We are honest about possible challenges, but never without ambitions to find solutions.

To be successful, we think it´s important to be adaptive and open to new ideas and opportunities. We encourage dialogue and different perspectives, and we listen to understand and act on the input we receive.

That’s who we are.

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