in-motion pallet dimensioning and freight analysis


Automatic dimension measurement, weight, barcode reading, stackability testing, and analytics of palletized goods in motion. Developed together with leading logistics companies with the goal to measure dimensions automatically and effortless. Our innovative dimensioning systems help logistic companies around the world save time, money, and labor.

Gain complete control of your palletized goods

CargoSpect automates the measurement and registration process of all your palletized goods. Innovative in-motion technology enables fast and efficient volumetric measurement regardless of whether the flow is based on forklifts, AGVs or conveyor belts. Barcode reading technology and stereovision cameras provide you with all the information you need to create an optimized workflow.

Features & benefits


Rigorously tested and verified as “Legal for trade”.


Our subscription model ensures a short ROI while guaranteeing continuous service and updates.

Barcode reading

Labels are automatically identified, barcodes are scanned and assigned to each shipment.

Stackability check

The collected data is used to analyze stackability, so you can optimize your processes going forward.

Packaging material

The image processing technology is able to handle objects of all shapes and all materials, even black foil.

Images of all shipments

Every shipment is visually documented, which makes it easy to look back on if needed and can be a valuable asset in customer complaints.

Imagine if you could...

... lean back while your shipments are measured automatically.
... detect labels and barcodes automatically, directly linked to each shipment.
... Have less frustration due to human error.
... optimize your freight and have additional insights.
... charge all transports correctly and guarantee fair treatment of all customers.
... have data and images of all goods when handling customer complaints.


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