a new solution to optimize air cargo


Get your aircraft pallet stacking right at first try. Our software is developed to optimize the build-up of aircraft pallets, increase the load and thus reduce climate impact. Our innovative measurement solutions help air cargo business around the world save money, time and labor. Let’s get started!

Stereo vision technology software

ContourSpect creates a 3D model when the cargo is loaded on the air cargo pallet. The 3D model is then in real time compared with the selected virtual contour.

ContourSpect is your tool to eliminate manual measurements and time consuming quality control, the system will indicate if the build up is out of contour.

ContourSpect makes ULD’s 100% fit to fly.

The benefits

Improve your cargo Operation

Optimize each ULD pallet build up and carry more cargo in each shipment.

Collect master data

Collect information about important data points quickly and accurately. All data points are stored in a cloud- based dashboard.

No rebuilds

An over-stacked aircraft pallet leads to huge time delays as it needs to be repacked. ContourSpect shows you whether you are loading within or outside the contours of the ULD- pallet, in real time, to ensure correct build-up of pallets.

Automate your processes

Improved performance without validations from manual measurements and contour checks. A digital tool can also help streamline the onboarding process for new employees, allowing them to quickly become productive members of the team.

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ContourSpect news

  • ContourSpect explained

    In the current year, we have launched Contourspect, our innovative service tailored for the Air Cargo sector.

  • ContourSpect: WFS pressrelease

    Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), a member of the SATS Group, will deploy Cind’s ContourSpect 3D modelling software at selected stations across its Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia (EMEAA) network following a successful Proof of Concept (POC) in its cargo terminal at Copenhagen Airport.

  • DHL IOT & Automation day in Chicago

    This week we were invited to join the DHL IOT & Automation Day at the DHL Innovation Center in Chicago.

    Exciting Times ahead!


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