With flexibility being a keyword in the world of saw- and pulp mills today, being able to ensure deliveries regardless of weather conditions or time of day is a valuable asset. TimSpect is developed to measure piled volume and diameters, calculate gross volume, quality check your load and provide you with the statistics in seconds.

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Optimize your supply chain of bulk material. ChipSpect is the solution that measures the exact volume of your load, as well as collecting valuable quality data such as surface fraction, impurities, colors and temperature of the load. Fully automatic, with the data in your hands without delay.

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News in wood

  • Extended type approval for TimSpect

    The industry requires measuring equipment (new technology and new methods) for compensation-based timber measurement to be type-approved.

  • Cind streamlines Stora Enso's timber measurement

    Cind has been trusted to help Stora Enso with the measurement of pulpwood at six of Stora Enso's facilities in Sweden.

  • Cind’s system for timber measurement on trucks is delivered and approved

    Utilizing technology from Saab, we have delivered a pilot plant to Trätåg for automatic measurement of timber stacks on trucks. The system is linked to SDC's national system for remote measurement of timber trucks. This week the plant received type-approval from Virkesmätningskontroll (VMK) and is now ready to be put into operation.

  • 3D dimensioning in forestry - what it is and how it works

    Dynamic 3D measurement technologies have been successfully deployed by numerous companies in the timber and forest industry in order to automate volume and quality controls. By utilising patented image processing technologies, initially developed in the defence industry, significant competitive advantages are achieved.


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