Cind is revolutionizing the logistics industry together with JYSK

Cind has reformed the forest industry over the last few years by using advanced image processing to measure the volume of timber stacks on trucks. With the technology, forest companies benefit from significant cost savings while availability is increased to . Now, Cind is taking the step by adapting the technology to measure the dimensional/volume weight of freight shipments. The project is run together with JYSK at JYSK's premises in Nässjö, Sweden.

"We are very excited that JYSK now have chosen Cind as the partner in such an exciting and important field. Our technology delivers exactly what the industry is asking for. Fast, simple measurement of volume that does not slow down the productivity of the terminal or warehouse. JYSK is the perfect partner from several perspectives. JYSK has a well-functioning and digitized workflow. They also have a forward-looking approach, which means that they constantly look for new, smarter ways to streamline their operations", says Marcus Schelin, CEO at Cind.

The technology helps warehouse players such as JYSK, but also carriers, to easily and accurately measure the volume of the gods regardless of the size, shape and material. By knowing the volume of goods, several advantages can be obtained. The vehicle fil rate can be optimized, resulting in both reduced freight costs and environmental impact. For carriers, the technology can be used to charge according to the correct volumetric weight.

"JYSK is continuously working to streamline and optimize its operations. Recently, a cutting edge warehouse was opened in Nässjö and further refinement through modern technology is perfectly inline with our strategy. We have great hopes for this project," says Annika Löfgren, Logistics Manager North East Region at JYSK.

The project has already started and by the end of 2018 the product is expected to be ready for global launch.

For further information, please contact:

Marcus Schelin, +46 72 242 23 44,

About Cind
Cind was established in 2015 as a spin-off from military defence company SAAB. Our focus is volume measurement and our customers exist primarily within the forest and logistics industries.

The company uses patent pending image processing technology which builds upon decades of development work originating in missile technology development. All our products are based on stereo camera technology which is used to calculate – with considerable accuracy – the volume and condition of, for example, timber stacks, individual logs or goods.

Our products have been deployed widely in Sweden and is today seen as the de facto standard for stacked measurement.

Marcus Schelin, Cind och Annika Löfgren, JYSK

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