Fastest approved dimensioner in Europe

Our system CargoSpect is now the fastest approved solution in Europe. The volume is calculated in less than 2 seconds which means the system also can be installed in combination with chain transporters in cross-docking terminals. All palletised goods can be measured without additional manual work.

Why legal for trade is important

In a business transaction, where the freight cost of the shipment is based on its dimensions or volume, the measurement systemet needs to be a 'Legal for Trade' version, sometimes otherwise known as an ' Approved' version. In such Legal for Trade transactions, the dimensions must be accurately determined to ensure fairness to both buyer and seller.

Legal for Trade measurement systems undergo more rigorous testing to comply with the requirements.
The European Union has a directive called the Measurement Instrument Directive which seeks to harmonise aspects of the legal metrology across all members of the EU.

Cind's CargoSpect is approved according to the annex XI, chapter I & IV of Directive 2014/32/EU and the specifications OIML R129:2000, OIML D11:2004 section 12 & 13 and WELMEC Guide 7.2:2019.

The certificate is available for download here.

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Recent news

  • DHL IOT & Automation day in Chicago

    This week we were invited to join the DHL IOT & Automation Day at the DHL Innovation Center in Chicago.

    Exciting Times ahead!

  • French transportation network visits

    This Wednesday we had the pleasure to welcome the directors of a major French transport network in our HQ in Sweden to showcase CargoSpect: the only MID-certified in-motion volume measurement system on the market.

  • Sneak Peek!

    We just packed a sample of our newest solution to be shipped overseas to convince a selected audience. Stay curious!

  • Forklift training

    Recently we bought our own forklift to test our CargoSpect system at site. From today, everyone in the office is allowed to drive it!

  • New TimSpect system in Torsby

    We set up a new TimSpect system in Torsby,
    adding another installation to the map!

  • Large delivery

    Today we received a large delivery of screens and cameras - We are getting ready to install 20 new CargoSpect systems!