Ny Teknik draws attention to Cind's products

In the latest issue of Ny Teknik, you can read about how the sawmill Ljungträ in Köping during the autumn automated its measurement using Cind's camera technology. Now Ljungträ can focus on making its products as good as possible while delivery of raw materials is enabled around the clock. Today, there are 22 sawmills and pulp mills that have chosen to invest in our automated measurement and many points to the fact that 2019 will be the year when automated measurement accounts for more than 50% of all measurement in Sweden.

The newspaper Ny Teknik pays attention to Cind
You can also read about our launch plans outside of Sweden and our thoughts on machine learning, which is now increasingly being built into our products. Who would have thought this 3 years ago.

The article is available in its entirety here in Swedish.

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